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GTA 4 Model Export

There is a simple and easy way how to export GTA IV models to 3Ds Max in this article
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Model export from Tekken 6 into 3Ds Max

In this article I show you how to export Tekken 6 characters to 3Ds Max.
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Making new weapon in Unreal Engine

In this lesson I show you how to make a new weapon for Killing Floor by welder example.

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Be a gangman in Killing Floor

I shure everyone meets with that tracksuit gangman. Appropriate voice inside.

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Universal 3D model importer ( 3DX Ripper guide )

As a rule there are special resource tools for most famous games. But if there aren’t the 3DX Ripper is the one!

3DX Ripper logo

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Model Import from Source engine games

Sorry, this entry is only available in Русский.

How to import models and textures from Stalker to 3Ds Max

At this article you may learn about how to import game models and textures from S.T.A.L.K.E.R. (and other X-Ray games) to 3Ds Max.

x-ray logo

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Texture import (baking) for models in Unreal Engine

In previous articles you may read about export and import model. There is a making testures guide in this article.

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Making new player model in Unreal Engine

In this article you may find 10 step instruction of new player model import to Killing Floor.

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Model import from 3Ds Max to Unreal Engine

Previously I publish article about how to export models from Unreal Engine to 3Ds Max. Now let’s look at opposite process.

3Ds Max

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