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Medic Capsules in Killing Floor

Medic Capsules for health points restoring.


Weapon Leveling in Killing Floor

Now you can level your guns besides your perks

Hi-Tech Mask in Killing Floor

Mutifuctional gear includes crosshair, night vision, radar, x-ray and other features

Type 89 Mortar in Killing Floor

Grenade discharger suited for warfare in typical short-range combat environments. You can fire and reloading only when you crouched.


Shock Grenade in Killing Floor

During blow grenade emits strong sound wave that zaps monster

UTS 15 Shotgun in Killing Floor

UTS 15 is pump action shotgun with 15-round dual magazine


M18A1 Claymore in Killing Floor

A directional anti-personnel mine with laser command detonation


Battle Flag in Killing Floor

Battle Flag heals or hurtsе around depends on owner perk. Your flag and anthem here.

Aliens Minigun in Killing Floor

Cutted minigun from Alien Mod. Thermal vision helps you to detect zeds behind walls and under invisibility. Credits to WPC

Two Swords in Killing Floor

Two Swords. 2x violence, carnage, gore and blood.