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GTA 4 Model Export

There is a simple and easy way how to export GTA IV models to 3Ds Max in this article
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Configuring sandbox


Let’s take a look at global game configuration features. A sandbox generally. I think it’s 50% of any server success. There are two ways to setup sanbox: via killingfloor.ini manually and via GUI.
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How to update kf dedicated server using steamcmd

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How to use mutator in Killing Floor

Mutator — game modification that modifies only small part of game. As opposed to mods that can’t be mixed (only one can be active at the same time) you may add few mutators in game simultaneously.

There are four most common mutator types in Killing Floor:

    1. Mutator itself. It modifies specific game rules (armor welding ability, enchanced scoreboard)
    2. Weapon mutator. It adds new weapon to game (Hunting Rifle, PortalTurret)
    3. Zed mutator. It adds new specimen to game (Brute, HellFire)
    4. Character mutator. It adds new playable character model to game (Stig)

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Model export from Tekken 6 into 3Ds Max

In this article I show you how to export Tekken 6 characters to 3Ds Max.
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Map making: doors and evevators

Sorry, this entry is only available in Русский.

Map making: Geometry

In this article:

    – BSP geometry basics
    – Making geometry
    – Overview of tools for working with geometry objects

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Making map: Static Meshes

In this article:

    – Static Mesh browser overview.
    – Mesh import.
    – How to import static meshes from 3rd party games.
    – Properties.

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Making map: Working with textures

In this article it describes:

    – Texture browser overview.
    – Texture mapping.
    – Texture export/import.
    – Properties and options.
    – How to create simple animated texture.

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How to make a map for Killing Floor

In this article it describes:

    – Where you can get map editor.
    – How to use viewports and camera.
    – Basics of editor using.
    – Making simple map.

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