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Soviet soldier in Killing Floor

Free skin of soviet soldier in the name of Victory day.
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Warning: I just make skins. You should ask admin for skin install terms before you make an order

Premade skins

Price: $15 | Click on portrait for purchase details.

Kratos Witcher Punisher
Cthulhu Maroon girl Emile Ghost rider 2
Rebecca Leon Hazmat MG Raiden
Jake Conway Gopnik 2.0 Kenny MK Raiden
James Hawkins Lara Kane Skyrim Mix Xavier Jones
Daryl Dixon ARS Anti-mage Celty Sturluson
Wally Bender James Bond FROG
Bane Foley Cat Furry Alucard
Tron Hoxton Hotline Stormtrooper
BumbleBee Corvo Attano Rimahan Juliet Starling
Чиф Vaas Warhammer Grey Knight Starcraft Ghost
Гитлер Slender man Batman Spawn
Metrocop PAYDAY Stalker Dark Kahn
Тираэль Доктор Ghost Rider Goku SS3
Jordan Jill Iron Man Zoey Bikini
Black Templar Eliot Sam Ghost Sidorovich
Wesker Joker Sonya Subzero
Section 8 Freeman Applejack Patriarch
Ichigo MW SAS Adam Jenson Bionic Commando
Tommy Abibas Super Buu CSS
Guard Stalker Crysis Dante

Improved stuff for custom skins

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Present you improved gui based way for using personal skins. Also you can set unlimited amount of skins to specific player. This is modification for ServerPerks.