How to order skin/weapon/mutator?

FIrstly you should send me detailded order requirements. Then I give you work’s price. After the work will be done I make demo video/screenshots. Finaly you pay the order and I send you stuff. I can send source codes as well.

Are skins will be viewed online?

There are two ways of skin usage:

  • First – skin is set as one default skin replacement on your computer. In this way only you can see the skin. Custom 1st person hands and voice can’t work in this way as well.
  • Second – skin adds on server as additional one. To do this you should discuss it with server admin to get his permission. In this way all server players can view the skin.

What is if it finds errors in order?

I fix all my errors for free. I fix all erros caused by new KF patches/3rd party mutators for payment

Why MetalMedved?

  • I’m an experienced developer and make Killing Floor stuff more that 5 years already
  • My quality is highly rated by such famous Killing Floor projects as Zombimaniya, Proton, Cak Team and others
  • I’m an independed developer and can consider all offers
  • Customer’s wish is the rule. You may order any skin even nudes or nazies
  • There are discounts and exclusives
  • I don’t share any details about my clients
  • There are many payment ways e.g. paypal, webmoney, yandex money, qiwi wallet, bank cards and more