How to create mutator in Killing Floor

Simply step-by-step instruction about hoe to make your 1st mutator.

Firstly we need Filling Floor SDK with ucc compiler. Download here.

1. First of all make subloder named with your mutator name in kf game folder then make Classes subfolder in mutator folder. E.g.:


2. Next make file with .uc extension in Classes folder. E.g. Mut1.uc

3. Open with notepad killingfloor.ini file in System subfolder of game root folder. Find line [Editor.EditorEngine] and add after one this


In this case


4. Open file from 2nd step with notepad and insert this code to one

class Mut1 extends Mutator;

FriendlyName="New mutator"
Description="Simple mutator"

Pay attension that it should be same name after class word as in file from step 2. Also value of GroupName variable should start with KF lettrs. Save file.

5. Compile the mutator. To do that make bat file in System subfolder. E.g. make.bat. Open it with notepad and insert code below:

del NewMut.u
ucc make
del steam_appid.txt

Code explanations. 1st line delet our compiled mutator if it is. If it not be deleted then new code can’t be added to new compiled version. 2nd line run ucc utility (ucc.exe file must be placed to game subfolder System) for all mutators compiling. 3nd line delete file created by ucc. It prevent normal game run.

6. Save and run file from step 5. Now it has 2new files in System subfolder:


this is mutator itself and its description file.

This is it. You may run game, create new one and see new mutator on mutators tab. This one make no functions it is just a shell.

After learning unreal script you may make a some functional mutator. You may start learning here


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One comment на «How to create mutator in Killing Floor»

  1. димасик
    30 Mar 2013 в 12:59

    C:\KillingFloor\System>del NewMut.u
    Не удается найти C:\KillingFloor\System\NewMut.u
    C:\KillingFloor\System>ucc make
    «ucc» не является внутренней или внешней
    командой, исполняемой программой или пакетным файлом.
    C:\KillingFloor\System>del steam_appid.txt
    Не удается найти C:\KillingFloor\System\steam_appid.txt
    Для продолжения нажмите любую клавишу . . .

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