Arhive for October 2013


Cat Furry in Killing Floor

Furries. Furries everywhere

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Aliens Minigun in Killing Floor

Cutted minigun from Alien Mod. Thermal vision helps you to detect zeds behind walls and under invisibility. Credits to WPC

Ram Injection in Killing Floor

Feel yourself as weapon!


GTA 4 Model Export

There is a simple and easy way how to export GTA IV models to 3Ds Max in this article
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New RTD Stuff in Killing Floor

    - Game speedup
    - Dark screen
    - Zed resizing
    - Black hole

Siren Boy in Killing Floor

This siren boy has more health and scream distance but less damage. Due to iron hoop it’s very hard to separate their heads from bodies

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Stats for No Steam

No steam stats with unlocked Steampunk Mrs Foster, Reaper, Chicken Commando, Steampunk Mr Foster, Baddest Santa. Thx to DARK-MEN

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Rachael Foley in Killing Floor

Why is this happening, why me?

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