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Color Checker Mutator in Killing Floor

WYSIWYG Mut allows you to check color mixing in game. Free download

Speedometer Mutator Killing Floor

This mut shows your movement speed. Free download

Show Zed Damage in Killing Floor

This mutator shows you income damage. Free download

PackageLoader in Killing Floor

This mutator is similar to MutLoader one but it is for server resources. Regularry they is attached in killingfloor.ini via ServerPackages. Now it can be done in this mutator settings.

Download (downloaded 379 times)

I Need Blood mutator in Killing Floor

YouTube Preview Image

This mutator keeps zeds blood for configurable time.

Download (downloaded 160 times)

Haunted Catchphrases in Killing Floor

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Heroes epic phrases from Haunted Hells Reach game.
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Decapitate reward to decapitator only in Killing Floor


I think all who often plays as sharpshooter takes butthurt when decapitate fleshpound or scrake but all money gives to other player who finish alredy decapitated zed. I made mutator fixes this situation. Now all money get player who remove zed’s head. This mutator is independent and can work with any other mutator set.


Minizeds in Killing Floor

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Mutator adds small versions of regular zeds. They is not so strong but kind of obscure also


End Wave Miniboss

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End wave minibosses summon mutator. You may set waves that should be ended with miniboss and miniboss monster classes as well. Mini hard patriarch included!



Premade mutators

Price: $15 | Click on title for purchase details.

• Gas Mask HUD
Add Gas Mask HUD

• Players Autorespawn
Respawns players right after death

• Server AutoRedirect
Redirects players to defined server

• Personal weapon system
Allow to give specific wepon to specific player while respawn

• VIP Exp Boost
Boost damage experience for specific players

• Reserved slots for VIP players
Allows VIP players to join full server

• End wave miniboss
Allow to summon miniboss before trader doors will open

• Advanced bots
Allow to config bots with many options

• Minizeds
Adds small versions of regular zeds

• Auto punishment system
Allow to autokick players for teamkills

• Dosh to decapitator only
Gives dosh to decapitator not last hiter


Stuff for ServerPerks, ScrnBalance etc. that can’t be done as separate mutator. To get it you should give me your perks sources for modifications inside.
Price: $15 | Click on title for purchase details.

• Scrollable players list
Display all player in lobby by scrollable list

• Backweapons
Unselected weapon from your inventory will be shown on your back

• Pickup weapons by command
To pickup weapon «use» button should be pressed

• Advanced personal skin system
Allow to set specific skins to specific players

• Advanced lobby menu
Allow to set custom pictures and music in lobby

• Online player stats
PHP script that displays player statistics on your web site

• Клановые надписи
Над именем игрока будет отображаться имя/эмблема клана, в котором он состоит