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Syntax highlighting in Killing Floor

Inspite of presence of advanced coding tools there are many people who still use simple text editor for such purposes. To improve this way I share my unrealscript syntax highlighting for Notepad++ text editor tuned for Killing Floor.

Download (downloaded 27 times)

Download WTF Mod for Killing Floor

Version 1.4
Credits: Bees and Pees

All Hats in Killing Floor 2

All paid cosmetic items will be available for free!

Hunter Perk in Killing Floor

New perk with silent weapons, stunn traps and lure explosive

Country Tags in Killing Floor 2

Automatically adds country tag to player nickname

Server Monitor in Killing Floor

It monitors any server from gametracker.com. Standalone application that doesn’t requiers registraction at gametracker

Download (downloaded 86 times)

Autospawner in Killing Floor 2

Mutator allows players to enter the game during wave in progress right near team

Chat Log in Killing Floor 2

This mut writes players chat messages into log files. Supports cyrilic letters

2 bosses in Killing Floor 2

If one boss is not enought

Doors Respawn in Killing Floor 2

Now broken doors will be respawned in the end of each wave like in KF1. Also sealed doors wouldn’t broke without reason