Arhive for October 2011


SVD sniper rifle for Killing Floor

YouTube Preview Image

    - New model and sounds;
    - 10 bullets magazine;
    - Telescopic sight;


Halloween Scythe and Billy skin

It’s harvest time! Take Billy Skin and Scythe. Show them real terror.
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GTA 3 Claude and Section 8 exoskeleton in Killing Floor

GTA 3 Claude and Section 8 skeleton for Killing Floor.

Purchase Section 8!
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Making map: Static Meshes

In this article:

    – Static Mesh browser overview.
    – Mesh import.
    – How to import static meshes from 3rd party games.
    – Properties.

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Halberd in Killing Floor

YouTube Preview Image

Steel halberd from TES3: Morrowind with 360° range attack.


Making map: Working with textures

In this article it describes:

    – Texture browser overview.
    – Texture mapping.
    – Texture export/import.
    – Properties and options.
    – How to create simple animated texture.

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Exoskeleton stalker and Counter terrorist in Killing Floor

Stalker in «Duty» exoskeleton and counter terrorist from CSS splash screen now available for Killing Floor.

Purchase Stalker!
Purchase CT!
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How to make a map for Killing Floor

In this article it describes:

    – Where you can get map editor.
    – How to use viewports and camera.
    – Basics of editor using.
    – Making simple map.

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