Arhive for August 2011


Online players stats at your site

Online statistic

Proudly present new script for making online players stats right at your site!


    - mutators based on ServerPerksV4/5/RPG support;
    - sync/not sync stats output;
    - web/local net compactible;
    - embeeded sorting and paging;
    - servers monitoring.

Implementation for Groza project


If you are tried to restore perks

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Payment methods

I glad to say that payment methods are expanded! Now You can pay my services by PayPal or credit card as well.

Making new weapon in Unreal Engine

In this lesson I show you how to make a new weapon for Killing Floor by welder example.

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Universal welder for Killing Floor

This welda not only weld the doors but can make some fun and even save your life!

New model features:

    - doors welding/unwelding
    - armor welding
    - zeds killing
    - turrets repairing (from portal and RPG)

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MetalMedved VKontakte

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Be a gangman in Killing Floor

I shure everyone meets with that tracksuit gangman. Appropriate voice inside.

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