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Hunter Perk in Killing Floor

New perk with silent weapons, stunn traps and lure explosive

Engineer Perk in Killing Floor

New Perk «Engineer». Features:


    - Level uped by turrets
    - Turrets have ammunition
    - Turrets can be re-placed
    - Turrets can be repaired

«Predator» Perk in Killing Floor

New perk «Predator». Features:


    - mask with 3 vision modes and zoom;
    - lure to distract zeds;
    - shoulder gun with laser sight;
    - gauntlet with invisible and selfdistraction abilities;
    - you shold deny teammates for leveling.

Civilian Perk in Killing Floor

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New perk:
- skill: give bonus to syringe recharge rate for medic and to damage for rest perks in own radius
- progress: damage deal, bonus time
- weapons: cutted shotguns, bat, shield, molotov, bow