Refund/Return Policy

Refunds are available within 30 days of product purchase by submitting the refund request at

After receiving a refund request we notify the product licensor and offer them the opportunity to resolve the refund request. Refund requests that have not been resolved within 2 weeks are processed by PayPro. For credit card purchases the refund will appear on the next credit card statement.

For physical goods, the buyer agrees by submitting the refund request that goods must be returned to the product supplier before a refund can be completed.

For digital goods, the buyer agrees that by submitting the refund request that the software/digital product for which a refund is sought may no longer be used in any way.

Buyer agrees that any continued use of the digital good constitutes a willful violation of copyright law, for which the buyer may be liable for substantial civil damages.

Refund requests need to be requested by the purchaser or supplier using the Buyer Support form: