Metalmedved’s Scythe in official Killing Floor DLC


TWI releases community weapons DLC at Halloween 2012. After all it includes my scythe and arc attack. In this article I tell you true story about scythe development.

Scythe is my first weapon. Couple yers ago I just started to work with KF stuff, made first skins but there are only few custom weapons and weapon makers also. Every time playing KF I duscuss new weapon Ideas with my mates. And someday one person named Bambila offer to make a scythe. As me He saw it in Postal 2 game. I really liked this idea. There are not too much zerk weapons and it was easy to make it as well. One demo video is below:

YouTube Preview Image

To add sense and individuality to weapon it implemented arc attack: scythe hurts few enemies at one strike. You can’t beleive it but I was ready to give it for free to one famous server but they refuse it. So I deceide: if ones can’t take it for free someone will want to buy for money!

YouTube Preview Image

I start to make custom weapons for order and today when TWI do the same it looks kinda ironically. I deceide release scythe free for all at halloween 2012.

YouTube Preview Image

I add scythe to KF Steam WorkShop As soon as it was implemented. Community give a good rank about it immediately and many people write that want scythe in upcoming official weapon DLC. So less than a month since Workshop release weapon was icluded into official DLC. Scythe and arc attack are main undoubtedly because there is not any others in Steam Workshop. Of cause TWI made completely new model to avoid conflict with RWS . It’s hardly to say good or bad about TWI decision to sell weapons but time will show.

P.S. I take no any reward from TWI.

Scythe in Steam Workshop
Official DLC with Scythe


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4 comments на «Metalmedved’s Scythe in official Killing Floor DLC»

  1. Nego
    24 Oct 2012 в 9:27

    Искренне поздравляю!
    Пусть Триплы изменили внешний вид и тебя не упомянули, как автора, но осознание факта, что твоя разработка принята в лицензионную игру – это  многого стоит. Мастер!

  2. MailBezumie
    24 Oct 2012 в 12:46

    Напиши им, спроси твоя ли эта работа и т.д

  3. MetalMedved
    25 Oct 2012 в 2:12

    Комментарии официальных лиц

  4. MailBezumie
    28 Oct 2012 в 1:46

    Ну отлично что так :) Вот и выяснилось 

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