Arhive for December 2012


Postapolyptic Skin Sale


For those who survive the end of the world… skin sale!

Details in store

Medic Grenade Launcher in Killing Floor

YouTube Preview Image

Healing mod of M79 grenade launcher for medic. Grenade heals players and kills zeds

VIP Leveling in Killing Floor


Mutator allows you to give exp bonus for VIP players. Choosen players will get more exp for killing zeds. You may set bonus multiplier and weapons gives a bonus. Fully separated mutator

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«Mobius Lab» map and «Master Chief» skin in Killing Floor


New map and skin in futuristic style
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Healing Holy Grenade and Alien Turret in Killing Floor

YouTube Preview Image

Healing holy grenade that complety heals players on large square and separate turret from alien mod.

Clan tags for Killing Floor


Clan logos for players. Addon for ServerPerks or similar mut.