«Predator» Perk in Killing Floor

New perk «Predator». Features:


    - mask with 3 vision modes and zoom;
    - lure to distract zeds;
    - shoulder gun with laser sight;
    - gauntlet with invisible and selfdistraction abilities;
    - you shold deny teammates for leveling.

Pitchfork in Killing Floor

Legendary weapon from Blood video game

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Wave Replay Voting in Killing Floor

With this mod playes have an opportunity to vote for map replaying from last wave

Ultraviolence in Killing Floor

Now you can dismember zeds alive

Skyrim Mix in Killing Floor

Skyrim character.
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Lana Kane in Killing Floor

Archer Character.

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James «Reaper» Hawkins in Killing Floor

Unreal Tournament 3 character.

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Weapon Leveling in Killing Floor

Now you can level your guns besides your perks

(Русский) Факты о Killing Floor 2

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Hi-Tech Mask in Killing Floor

Mutifuctional gear includes crosshair, night vision, radar, x-ray and other features