Zed time tennis ball in Killing Floor 2

M60 in Killing Floor 2

Download WTF Mod for Killing Floor

Version 1.4
Credits: Bees and Pees

MetalMedved 6th anniversary!

Shoutout to all sympathized!

Cool story in the name of anniversary

In UI KF2 assets you can find UI_MapImages_TEX.upk package. It has preview pictures of maps that was planned to release early. You may find something interesting details here. Check out each one:

  • On BioticsLab preview it can be found only new Horzine logo
  • On Manor, OperaHouse and ParisBurning pictures you may see parts of released map BurningParis. It seems like dev plan to release 3 maps but then they just compile 3 maps into 1.
  • On Resort preview you may see map in deleloping even without some textures so It’s hard to say what map is this. I guess it becomes EvacuationPoint map
  • Last picture named Village represents castle wallls completely with no textures. May be it becomes VolterManor map

Mauser in Killing Floor 2

About turn! March!
Away with a talk-show.
Silence, you speakers!
Comrade mauser,
have the (killing) floor.

Burger in Killing Floor

Gives you extra HP bonus

Dallas in Killing Floor

NightLord in Killing Floor

Happy new year!

Yes, in soviet russia we celebrate xmas 7 january

Barret M82 in Killing Floor 2

New sniper weapon