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Happy new year!

Tina Sprout in Killing Floor

From Black Bullet anime series

Riven in Killing Floor

KF 2 SDK Workshop tool fix 1057

Just copy with replace to game’s «Binaries» subfolder

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ServerExt fix 1057

Made fix of popular mutator Server Extension Addons for KF2 patch 1057.
Credits: Marco

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The Invictus Files: Ridgewood – Full walkthrough

BF4 Support in Killing Floor

The Invictus Files: Ridgewood

Check new Killing Floor total conversion mod that I took part in development – The Invictus Files: Ridgewood. This is a singleplayer horror/puzzle FPS game. ou are the commanding officer of an elite Special Task Force. Your team has been recruited into a black ops mission to infiltrate the Ridgewood site. Solve puzzles, kill enemies and to uncover the true story of that place.

Official site

Download from moddb

Neku Sakuraba in Killing Floor

BF4 Engineer in Killing Floor